What we offer?

Dispatcher 24/7

We have professional, qualified, and dedicated dispatchers in our office, Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. at 5 p.m. to reserve you the best loads on the market, guide you and help you with your daily needs. In addition, we also have our after-hour dispatchers from 5 p.m. to 8 a.m. To better assist you with anything you may need after our regular hours. On weekends our dispatching team will be on duty to help set you up with any loads or questions with booking until 5 p.m. Friday through Monday from 8 a.m.

Any request can be made through our telephone line: (305) 850 7702

Refrigerated trailer rental

Work with us! If you need to rent a refrigerated trailer to start working, here we can help you and even give you the option to buy it. Contact us and learn everything you need to do.

New Corporations

Get advice from the best and create your own corporation with us. We have a whole team of professionals ready to help and guide you to meet all the necessary requirements

Alcohol and Drug testing

If you own a trucking company and want to ensure you have qualified drivers driving. Call us we help you with all the requirements from alcohol and drug testing. To registering your drivers for the clearinghouse and conducting Query reports, so that you are always in the best condition behind the wheel. Ask about these services now and avoid problems on the road!

Job application for drivers

Hiring drivers for your company? At Freedom Carrier Service we help you with pre-employment and qualification exams so that you always stay with the best and get the best results.

Permits to transit in the USA

Avoid hassles and process with us all the permits you need to transit in the 32 states of the USA. Here we take care of processing permits such as UCR, Fuel Taxes, DOT, MCS, Road Taxes and IFTA.

Hours of Service training

Train all your drivers, so that they know the amount of service hours they must meet while driving. We help you avoid any type of inconvenience or penalty

Safety Training

We know that you always want to be one step ahead, that is why we offer training for drivers and company owners who want to be aware of the requirements that must be met on the road.

Interstate license plates

Request your interstate license plate with us and travel through any state without any problem. Here we help you with the application process so that you receive it smoothly and get to work with your truck.